Motto: One Nation under God!

Welcome to the official website of The New Democratic Coalition

Isn’t it time for change?


Our Mission is: to create a peaceful, prosperous and equally accommodating society for all Sierra Leoneans. The New Democratic Coalition will intentionally restructure the dilapidated democratic institutions of our country; procure Social, economic and educational justice for all.


We believe that it is the innate democratic right of all Sierra Leoneans to elect the government of their choice through free and fair elections. We also believe that it is a once in every five-year opportunity for all Sierra Leoneans to logically use their vote to elect a government that will represent their views. A violation of these rights is an affront to the constitution of Sierra Leone.


We believe that it is the natural democratic right of every political aspirants and political party to conduct a political campaign that is free of intimidation, violence and verbal abuse from opponents. Any abuse of this right is a violation of their freedom of expression, which is a fundamental right enshrined in the constitution of our country.

Dr. Lebbie The “Chosen One!”
  • Why has political change proved so hard for my people?
  • Why do we keep voting for the same political failures?
  • Why are we still politically and democratically sleep-walking?
  • Why are we still playing Russian-roulette with our children’s future?
  • Wake up Sierra Leone!
  • Sierra Leone is not destroyed by the evil politicians we have been stupidly voting for?
  • Sierra Leone is destroyed by us, the people, who continue to ignore the deliberate undemocratic ills of these political germs.


  • Poverty?
  • Chronic unemployment?
  • Lack of opportunity?
  • Poor and inadequate healthcare?
  • Abuse of political power?
  • Dysfunctional and over bloated political parties?
  • A weak and unworkable legislative system?
  • A corrupt judicial system?
  • Poor academic curriculum?
  • Poor infrastructure?
  • Lack of development?
  • An unjust and corrupt land ownership scheme?
  • Slow economic and social development schemes?
  • An unfriendly and unsafe environment for investment?
  • Environmental destruction and the violation of livelihood?
  • Archaic Urbanization and slum dwelling?
  • Less opportunity for Agricultural development?
  • Poor Sanitation, poor roads and poor housing?
  • An outdated two party political system?
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