Mission Statement.

Our mission is to radically and intentionally accelerate the adoption and utilisation of democratic rights and opportunities for the people (Do or Die!). Our underline aim is to design a democratic government that is transparent, active with the most appropriate balance of power with checks and balances and total respect for the rule of law, which is distinctive and unrivalled by non. We promise to act as the true and direct political voice of the people. To give the people the same democratic rights and privileges as those who have been elected by the people. To create a democracy where power is never in the hands of one individual for too long, where the rotten and corrupt political elite are restricted and accountable to people power. The New Democratic Coalition is a movement striving for justice, equal access to opportunity and the realization of a “true democratic change,” in Sierra Leone. The New Democratic coalition will confront, uproot and eradicate all forms of political discrepancies, abuse of political power and economic unfairness in Sierra Leone. The New Democratic Coalition promises to act as a movement for justice, equal access to opportunity and the realization of a “true democratic change,” in Sierra Leone. Most significantly, we promise to fanatically provide and facilitate jobs with decent pay-packages, improve the standard of living for the people, rebuild the dilapidated infrastructure of our country, enhance education, vocational training and apprenticeship schemes for those who need it most, provide decent housing, reliable healthcare, promote innovation and entrepreneurship.

Patriots, Concerned citizens, over-abused, over-used, frustrated, lied to and lied upon voters and supporters; it’s time to clean up this country of all political vermin! This is a call for “national duty!” Register and get involved! 

To join us is to join the pathway to democratic, political and social change in our country. To join us is to become part of a new democratic revolution for our generation and the up-coming generations. To join us is to become part of a radical and uncompromising change mechanism that our nation has always desire! To join us is to archive a politics of addition not division. To join us is to fight against the corrupt political sense of entitlement and the unprecedented dominance of the two main political parties who have lamed and destroy this country through systematic corruption, with no sense of public duty. To join us is to support and elect a leadership with a mindset of justice; a leadership that will use political power for the good of the people not use the people for the good of corrupt politics, a leadership that will intrinsically value others and a leadership that is built on humility and the fear of GOD! To join us is to build a country front with strong democratic institutions amalgamated with accountable and transparent political structure. To join us is to wipe the painful tears of our children and help end their suffering. To help heal a suffering that is beyond human comprehension. To join us is to stop the preventable occurrences of street children and parentless children that are needlessly slaughtered by poverty and mosquitoes, pestered by flies, cockroaches and rats. To join us is to end the circle of Sierra Leoneans who are reduced to begging, scavenging, living in filthy houses, beaten and broken by deliberate political depravities, political banditry, political sycophancy and cruelty, terrified citizens who are forced to lived under a draconian political leadership with no respect for people’s democratic rights, held captive by cruel exploitation, a politics that has for decades caused the death through the unprecedented over-pricing of goods and food stuff and the lack of basic human needs. To join us is create a workable, neutral and transparent judicial system with a respectable police force acting as the metaphor of the law instead of outlaws. To join us is to teach leadership to the youths, to offer them the opportunity to become educated, decent and useful citizens and expunge the circle of idleness, prostitution, and thieving, over-drinking and abusing drugs. To join us is to look after our parents, the aged, the vulnerable and the handicap and provide training for those who are blind, help them to live as dignified citizens instead of mere beggars. With your support, The New Democratic Coalition will bring an end to all the inflicted political abuse and disregard for Sierra Leoneans. Thus, if you are passionate about this country as we do, then it’s about time for you to put aside your fanatical and subjective political belief, tribal and religious political dogma, and selfish agenda and to get busy, working for the good of all.

             Come on! Take a ride with us!

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