Our plan for Sierra Leone!

We want to change the political status quo of Sierra Leone that dictates that only the two mainstream political parties for the past God-forsaken decades have the right to govern the people. That means, transforming the political demography of the nation with a new breed of political thinkers, activists, patriots and concerned Sierra Leoneans who will do all it takes to transform this prosperous, gifted, loving nation that has been hijacked by political elites, religious and tribal germs.

Our Manifesto for a prosperous Sierra Leone!  

  • We want to provide quality education with well qualified teachers.
  • We want to create an economy that is environmentally friendly and sustainable.
  • We want to help families overcome the high cost of living by tackling low paid job and job insecurity, provide skills for those who are unskilled, apprenticeship for the youths, and create schemes for entrepreneurship with access to cheap bank loans with little or no interest and credit unions.
  • We want to Support small businesses, local retailers and act as a helping hand to help support those who want to become productive citizens.
  • We want to ensure farmers get the appropriate support they need, provide them with seeds, machinery, encourage organic farming and create a farmers union to act as the middle man for governmental help.
  • We want to Invest in public services, rebuild roads, cater for better sanitation, create a national medical service with well-trained doctors and fight against the import and sale of fake and dangerous medicines on our streets
  • We want to explore initiative with international pharmaceutical industries to sell to our local pharmacies urgently needed drugs at affordable prices.
  • We want to provide social care for the over 65, build homes for retirement and help reduce their stress in old age.
  • We want to renegotiate all the foreign debts and loans, take back our airport, our shipping dock and protect other national treasures from the intrusion of draconian investors.
  • We want to help create an educated, skilful and innovative working force that will attract foreign investment in technology and other industries.
  • We want to build schools, hospitals, affordable housing, diminish slums, cut pollution on our streets, remove dangerous cars and lorries from our streets, provide clean energy, help to prevent erosion, prevent illegal logging and building on protected lands, help preserve our natural habitat, provide green space for our children, plant trees and provide national parks for family gatherings.
  • We want to help fight political crime, bring the force of the law back on our streets and make our country safe for all those who live here.
  • Help create a national forum for equality
  • Put the people first before any rouge investor
  • Create a balance and equal opportunity for all Sierra Leoneans
  • Make lands accessible and affordable through land re-distribution
  • Make Sierra Leone into the promise land that was envisioned by our ancestors who died trying to realize those dreams


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