How to Donate!


The New Democratic Coalition is strictly reliant on the donation of its members and other concerned Sierra Leoneans. We have a policy of not accepting donations from unanimous sources or any other self-interest groups that may want to infiltrate or influence our democratic agenda. The Party is 100% funded by the Concerned citizens of Sierra Leone who are tired of seeing their country run by rogue, unpatriotic political thugs who are only interested in maximizing their bank accounts at the expense of the poor people of Sierra Leone. Your financial support will give us the edge to fight for a better living standard for all Sierra Leoneans. Your donation will create a viable political platform for us to take Sierra Leone out of the sorrowful and pitiful state of poor poverty, provide access to pure drinking water, decent education, better healthcare, decent housing, proper sanitation, adequate motor roads and create employment for those who want to procure better lives for themselves and their families.

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