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As the saying goes, politics is a multifaceted word. It has a set of fairly specific meanings that are descriptive and nonjudgmental. For instance, the art or science of government and political principles but does often colloquially carry a negative connotation closely related to political activities characterized by artful and often dishonest practices in the name of power.

Two important arguments can be distilled from the above. Ideally, politics is supposed to act as a vanguard of good tidings. That is, if the intentions are right. However, a variety of negative methods are deployed in politics, which includes promoting one’s own political views and interest at the expense of the peoples’ interest and concern. And Sierra Leone as we know it has been going through the negatives instead of the positives for over 60 years. In a sense, the politics of corruption, cruelty and blind empathy is fundamentally responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands of Sierra Leoneans and the cries for change and political expediency still goes unheard. Sierra Leone has been troubled for decades by an alarming sense of political disturbances and until something drastic is done to change the fabric of politics, the stories of cruelty, injustice and party political violations will never change.

This is a big contrast to the true definition of politics and hence raises a lot of questions like “what exactly is the need for politicians or a government that care less about the plight of the very people it is suppose to care for, provide for, create opportunities for and to uphold their freedom? The answer is simple: Politicians are rats and people’s trust in them has waned exponentially because the political breed has failed to produce the people with a government of the people, for the people and with the people. In a sense, politics has lost its legitimacy.

The rationale behind NDC (New Democratic coalition)

Becoming a politician was motivated by the corruptible state of my country and my painful childhood memories of chronic hunger, abject poverty and the tears of my mother’s endless toiling underneath the baking sun and the cold swamps, in order to put food on the table for her family and to educate her children. Likewise, the corruptible system of my country meant that even having a father who was educated, charismatic, a true biological son of the soil, and physically fit enough to fend for his family but was unable to, due to reasons that one could hardly explain. For me, poverty and deprivation is the ethical impetus for me voicing and championing the need for a political and democratic change in my beloved Sierra Leone.

Note: Sierra Leone is a land where the poorest of the poor are still struggling in the murky ponds of sewage with no electricity, no running water, no Medicare, no food on their plate! The economy has been in bad shape for over sixty years with soaring unemployment and grinding poverty. Sierra Leone has become notorious as a country that has always been marred by economic and political crisis for the past sixty years. And Freetown, the city of vibrant dreams has been transported into a city of shameful dreams, prostitution and death! The paradox is that Sierra Leone is a very rich country but with a history of weak leadership, and poor governance, there is unfortunately going to be no foreseeable end to death, poverty, diseases, unemployment, misery and ruin. In a sense, it seems like the only alternative now is to take a dip into the political unknown. Change! Or are we so afraid of change that there is nothing anyone could say or do to persuade us? Oooh Sierra Leone! When must the end be?

Importantly, the notoriety of political failure in my country is the fundamental reason for me becoming a politician. Here is why. Poverty in my country is not caused by design but by default. Sierra Leone is not a poor country as one could determine the definitions of poverty and its effects. Instead, poverty in Sierra Leone is a result of a deliberate political setup-which in context is defined as “imposed poverty.” The consequences are: having politicians who care less about the very people they alleged to represent and pretending to care when deep down they are only concern about their political future. Second, poverty in Sierra Leone is a result of ingrained political dishonesty and thus, the negative repercussions still lingers and the millions of lives that have been sacrificed for selfish political ends have never reap the fruits of their democratic effort. Third, politicians and their families have always been the winners whilst my people have lost all their dignity due to the wretchedness of their situation.

For decades, politicians in my country have been saying that the problem of poverty isn’t something that can be solved by politicians. The people must do their best themselves by doing something valuable, and earn money. In a way this statement might be true however, how can a people so poor elevate themselves when the politicians have stolen the resources of the people to enrich themselves, their cronies and their families? Why must the people be accuse of lacking ambition when in actual sense they have been presented with little or no opportunity to aspire and get out of poverty? These unanswered questions are the motivation for NDC (New Democratic Coalition). We believe that there is a need for change: Do or Die?

Thus, my prime vision is to liberate Sierra Leone from the tight grip of political transgression and cruelty (God-willing). Given the fact that my country has a vast deposit of diamonds and a rich fertile agricultural ground to feed its people, the narrative of grinding poverty, hunger, lack of opportunity, inadequate roads, poor educational centres with non-existing medical centres or facilities and an unemployment rate of 99.9% should be a thing of the past. The starting point therefore is to implement a politics that cares and empathises with its people


Travelling to Europe and witnessing a mixture of trials and tribulations in order to study was fundamental to my political mission. Throughout my undertakings, I was able to acquire an academic insight into the plight of poor African countries especially the resource rich African nations that have been pawned as the old cows producing milk for western and emerging Asian powers. Having analysed the economic contrast between the developed world and Africa and understanding the numerous reasons for African politicians causing unending suffering to their people, I finally concluded that, politics is a curse if not managed properly. My research has also found out that the reason behind the decades of political deceit and mismanagement in my country and in Africa as a whole is nothing but greed. In this context, politicians have found it easier to exploit their own people in order to enrich themselves. Emboldened by this broaden research, my political vision, in particular, is to radically changing the political “status quo” of my suffering country. This will be done through the introduction of pragmatic policies and measures of economic management-in conjunction with workable strategies in place to create change “bottom-up.” In order to accomplish the proposed plan, my team will evaluate the “why, what and how” as a starting point for change.

Finally, my education has provided me an insight with regards to African leaders and their unrestrained appetite for blood. Here, I have come to noticed that it is instigated by unreliable leadership. Ideally, this type of leadership is hell bent on killing your own people through imposed hunger, economic mismanagement, deprivation, repression, deceit, entrenched corruption, vested interest, repetitive violations of the rule of law, weakness in policy and the over-zealous lapses in political and economic reform (political paralysis). In context, the African problem is instigated by corrupt political leadership, period! Equally, institutions like the anti-corruption commission in Africa are big on talk and promises but they have no result to justify their existence. In some way it is a reflection of governmental disorganisation, poor and ineffective leadership and lack of democratic insight. Fundamentally, African leadership has struggled to handle the economic stress of their nations but this is largely because the leaders lack clear strategies. And to make matters worse, the leaders have been defensive, quarrelsome, aggressive and mostly belligerent with no sense of direction and no true image of themselves whilst they continue to swindle the people, smoke them like blunt and drink them like alcohol. These leaders in a sense are the causes for a generation that has lost its sense of destiny, purpose and reason to be called “African.” The events of the mass migration of African youths dying in their attempts to cross the Mediterranean Sea are evident enough? Like a ship whose captain is sleeping, the African leadership underscores the outdatedness of politics to a people who have no more faith in their leaders. But there has to be another way?

Why choose me?

With over twenty five years of research into the politics of corruption, tribalism and, theft and favouritism, I have understood the “why and how” African politicians have exploited the fears and vulnerabilities of my people for their selfish political ends. Equally, my research into leadership lapses has given me a deeper understanding as to why there is a need for an alternative. In effect, my analysis has provided me with the necessary tools, needed for success. And as a result, I have come to realise that my country needs an “insightful, practical and accountable type of leadership.” This type of leadership is designed specifically to help a politically destroyed and economically exploited country to overcome years of weak and ineffective leadership. And in order to become the leader that was sent by God to set my people free, here are some practical qualities that qualify me:

I am passionate, eccentric and intransigent. My politics is in tune with the plight of my people. My priority is to create a theatre of democracy with free speech and accountability. My proverbial political style will deliver a hard blow that draws the last blood out of the authoritarian political regimes-responsible for the destruction of country for over sixty years. I am personate about working closely with all “democratically-minded and concerned Sierra Leoneans” for the good of our nation. Key to my mission is to heal the political damage of the past sixty years. I am on a mission to recruit millions of concerned Sierra Leoneans (young or old) to bring about a democratic revolution in our country. I am a dreamer, a risk-taker, and hopeful. I am strategic but also methodological; I am a skilful and resourceful politician with guts. I don’t engage in cheap political debates or use personal attacks on my political opponents in order to score cheap points. My ulterior political motive is to overturn the criminal, draconian and misguided political landscape of my country. So, whether you envision a new path for our country, in favour of democratic change, trying to rebuild the dilapidated democratic institutions of our country, support fundamental political change or want to see a country where justice is serve to all with equal opportunity, I am “yours truly.”


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